Modular Console LA-200

Modular Analog Mixer


  • The modular mixer that provides, in addition to the basic electronics, the use of modules with API 500 standard.
  • The modular construction provides for the coupling of one or more 8-channel unit to a master unit with 8 groups + aux/talk + stereo master and monitor.
  • Each channel, group and master provides for the use of 2 modules 500 with by-pass and independent pre/post switching for each module.
  • Groups can also be individually used as channels, so if Groups are not needed, an 8 channel version of LA-200 can have 16 channel inputs, or you can have 12 channel input and 4 Groups or any other combination.
  • Direct out for channels and groups.
  • Channels and groups input with remotable Line/Remix switching.
  • Mix monitor unit with level and pan controls for channels and groups. Remotable Rec/Remix switching. 4 stereo AUX (send+return).
  • Solo in stereo with separate level control.
  • Monitor output for 3 speakers and phones.
  • Separate monitor for multitrack and stereo.
  • Mute L, Mute R. Mono, DIM with level control.
  • Connections with DB 25 connectors.
  • XLR (3 poles) connections for stereo unit (out/in).
  • Balanced inputs and outputs.
  • External VU outputs on Left/Right, channels and groups.
  • Very low noise balanced sum bus.
  • Gain control +6/0/-6 dB on summers.
  • Talk-back.